Torres and his tattoo obsession

Fernando Torres Tattoos

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres’ has a number of tattoos and the 29-year-old is constantly adding new ones, which has many wondering if he’ll be rivaling David Beckham in the ink department!

Fernando has several numbers, including the number 9, which is his player number on Spain’s national team. He also has several Roman numerals on his shin: VII-VII-MMI. That Roman numeral translates into 7- 7-2001. It’s unclear the precise significance of that date, but he did meet his wife in 2001, so it’s possibly related to the date of their first date. Others believe it may be the date that his grandfather passed away.

His ink includes several names including that of his wife, Olalla on his left arm. He also has tattoos of his two children’s names, Leo and Nora; those tattoos extend down his right arm.

Curiously, Fernando Torres’ tattoos also include his own name, which is tattooed on his arm in Tengwar, which is a fictional language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the famed Lord of the Rings novels.

Fernando Torres’ Wife – Sorry ladies, he’s taken!

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres is a fan favorite, but sorry ladies, he’s married! So who is his wife?

Fernando Torres wife pregnant

The 29-year-old Torres married Olalla Dominguez Liste in May 2009, but it was by no means a whirlwind relationship. Fernando — who’s better known as El Nino — had been dating Olalla since 2001. The couple met while Fernando was on vacation in Estorde Cee, an coastal community in Spain’s Galicia region. It’s a spot where he went on holiday annually.

The couple has two children, a boy and a girl. Their daughter Nora was born in July 2009; their son Leo was born in December 2010.

Unlike many spouses, 28-year-old Olalla prefers to remain out of the public spotlight, so there’s actually fairly little known about her. Though she is a former professional athlete. She was an ice skater at Spain’s Club Deportivo de Patinaje Artístico de Fontiñas as a teen, but has since retired.




Fernando Torres hair – defining a new style

Fernando Torres new haircut 2013

Chelsea’s Fernando Torres isn’t just known for his moves on the football pitch; he’s also known for his style, specifically his hair. Few people have the power to capture headlines when they cut their hair, but Torres is definitely among this elite group!

Fernando Torres made headlines in January 2013 when he bade farewell to his long blond-streaked locks, which he would secure with an Alice band during games, instead opting for a buzz cut that devastated lots of female fans.

In fact, Fernando Torres is perhaps among the few people on the globe who has a Facebook page dedicated to both his old hairstyle and his new, current hairstyle. For the record, the “old” hairstyle has 62 likes, while the new hairstyle has 1896 likes. His hair also has its own Twitter account.


Fernando Torres dating

The rumour mill surrounding a Torres transfer

Rumors are swirling around Chelsea’s Fernando Torres and a possible transfer to Valencia, but official Jose Mourinho is telling him — and a teammate, Juan Mata — that they should simply ignore the gossip.

The latest word is that Jose Mourinho made a personal call to Torres to provide him with reassurance that they’ll be remaining with Chelsea, at least for the immediate future. This came after Torres’ appearance in Spain’s Confederations Cup.

The rumors of a transfer arose shortly after Mourinho took over as Chelsea’s manager.

Notably, it would appear that while Torres and Mata were provided with reassurance that Mourinho “see them as part of the future,” according to the UK Mirror, neither player was provided any solid guarantees about a starting place.

Transformation for Torres

Fernando Torres 2013

Chelsea’s new manager Jose Mourinho has announced that he plans to transform 29-year-old striker Fernando Torres into one of the world’s best.

Torres has seen a dip in performance since he departed from Liverpool, where he was regarded as one of the league’s top strikers. But Mourinho is now saying that he’s committed to restoring him to that level of performance, while also helping his teammates learn to play in a manner that complements Torres’ abilities.

This comes right after Mourinho reportedly made a personal phone call to Torres to reassure him that he has a future with Chelsea, as it was rumored that he could be transferred.

Fernando Torres is back!